Corporate Video Production

Build your brand and impact your target customers through corporate video production.

We create engaging corporate videos that help you to communicate your story in the most effective, interactive and remarkable manner. We make it a priority to deliver quality videos through our experience and we create what you want to achieve and what you want to communicate.

Creating a corporate video or company profile video for your business is a good way to market and promote your company’s products or services. Furthermore, Marketing videos provide maximum exposure and drive sales to your products or services.

We use a high-quality 4K camera for video production and will capture the essence of your business. From scripting to final video rendering, we will handle the whole process effectively.  Thus, We assure you that your target audience will get high-quality video.

Top 4 Tips for a Winning Corporate Video Production

Video marketing is any day more effective than textual marketing campaigns. Humans are naturally attracted to moving visuals. This factor single-handedly makes video marketing the trump card for your promotional efforts.
And yes, Google is very fond of videos and usually shows them on top of text links on search results. But your competitors too have plunged into the video bandwagon- which means the competition is cut-throat. But not to fret, here are the top 4 tips from experts to ensure the best quality corporate video for your business.

Decide on the theme

Corporate videos encompass a versatile range. These could be product demo videos, messages on company vision and mission, videos on customer testimonials, explainer videos, how-to tutorials and so on. So, first you decide on the exact theme of the video and then you proceed with further planning.

Offer a solution and show it

Your customers want solutions. Your video can only prove the worth of your product or service if it can show the benefits of using your offerings. So, if you make a claim in the video, try to show it to extend a strong proof.  For example, say you have claimed in the video that your company is backed by happy customers. In that case, you have to show the great testimonials your customers have written about you. You can also request the customers to say a few lines about their experience and then record it for the video.

Remember the winning features

There are some winning features that will make your video stand out in the crowd easily. These are:

  • A catchy start
  • An engaging body with cool graphics and animations
  • A human face is also important as we tend to connect better with a human voice and physical appearance
  • Show the numbers, if applicable- we like to see tangible results
  • The language of the video should be simple and easy so that everybody can understand
  • Strong conclusion
  • Stick to 2-minutes duration unless it’s an explainer video
  • Add subtitles

Mind your audience group & brand theme

Your corporate video should be relevant to the behaviour and persona of your target group and also to that of your overall brand image. For example, a corporate video from a fashion house targeted towards the peppy youth will be different from a formal video for an educational institution.

Finally, don’t just restrict your video to your website. You will have to upload them to YouTube and social media sites too for a viral reach.

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